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Friday, May 1, 2009

King Sooper Deals

In today's Reporter Herald there was a one page ad that had a few great deals I just had to pass along.

Colorado Proud Milk - $1.68/gal (this is interesting because it was priced at $1.99 in the ad that came out on Wed., but I will take this price, I love it!)

King Soopers Hanburger or Hot Dog Buns - $.85/8 ct.

King Soopers Eggs - $1.00/18 ct. (This is the great deal we saw at Easter, stock up!)

Kroger Value Russet Potatoes - $2.99/10 lbs.

Kroger Value Onions - $1.29/3 lbs. (You can cut up your onions and then freeze them in frezzable bags to use in cooking)

This ad says the prices are good through May 5.


  1. Question - how do you stock up on eggs? Can you freeze them? Thanks for posting these! Have a blessed day!

  2. I just get extra and do lots of baking and then freeze what I made. I don't know that you could freeze eggs. And, this week I will bring an egg dish to MOPS.