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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

$25 gift certificate for only $2 - That's 80% off!

Food For A Fraction Of The Cost

Restaurant.com is currently offering their gift certificates for 80% off, this means you can get a $25 certificate for only $2. When you click here and find a restaurant you are interested and you the coupon code LUCKY to get the 80% off. This deal is only good until April 30.

Before you order please understand a little about this site. When you purchase a gift certificate, it is not exactly is gift certificate like we think of, it is more like a coupon. It is a good deal but make sure you read the terms for that restaurant before you order. For example, one of the restaurants in my area states that you must purchase a minimum of $50 and 18% gratuity will be added before discount. So let's do the math and figure out what you will actually spend at this restaurant. Your total bill comes to $50, you pay $25 gift certificate and $25 cash, plus $9 in tip. So, you total for eating out that night would be $36 for a meal that cost $50, that's like saving 28% which includes the tip. Which can be a great deal if you are planning to eat out and you find one for a restaurant that you want to go to. Look around because not all restaurants have the same terms and I just used the restaurant that is closest to my house. I do have a friend who uses they certificates when they eat out and is happy with the money it has saved her family.

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