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Sunday, May 3, 2009

TGI Friday - Cheap night out!

Ok, so we do not eat out very much any more. We used to, but that is one area where we have been able to really cut back on our budget. But, yesterday we spent the day out and needed to eat out for dinner, so we ate at TGI Friday's. I had signed up for their Rewards Program and I had no idea how great it would be!
I had told me husband we needed to eat at TGI Friday's because I had signed up for their reward's program, Need More Stripes, and they had emailed me a coupon for a free appetizer or dessert.

If you have not signed up yet, you need to now! Go here and sign up. Make sure you sign up a few days before you are planning to go eat because you will want to have your coupon and mine came the next day. When we sat down we were looking at the appetizer menu trying to decide which one we wanted and the waitress told me that she would get our free Stripes Chips to start us off because we were Stripes members. So, we didn't need to use the coupon for an appetizer. Then we ordered from their new $5 menu and and each got a huge delicious sandwich. Then we were able to get the Brownie Obsession for our free dessert. All in all, we ate out with an appetizer, 2 entrees, and dessert and our bill came to just under $11. I even ate only half my sandwich and my 2 year old ate from both our plates. This is definitely a great frugal meal out!

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