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Friday, March 6, 2009

How Does Your Garden Grow?

The warm weather we have been having makes me get excited about planting our garden and figuring out what we will try to grow this year. We have a very limited space, so we have to be creative with our gardening. As we figure out what we will be doing this year I will share with you. When I found these few deals for some free seeds I got super excited!

Go here and sign up for a free catalog and on the front of the catalog is a coupon for $25 off with no minimum order. So, I will be ordering a packet of beans, pepers, tomatos, carrots, and cucumbers and even after shipping it will total just under $25, so FREE!

Earthbound Farm is celebrating their 25th anniversary and want to share with you. Go here and sign up for a free packet of seeds to grown your own salad. There are even directions on their website on how to grow your salad in a used container that you have bought a salad in already. (Thanks Moms By Heart for this one)

You can also sign up for a free issue of Gardening How To Magazine here. I got my issue already and it has a great article about peas. This is something my husband loves, but we didn't have any luck with last year. Maybe this year with my free seeds from Garden's Alive and the article in my magazine we can successfully grow some this year.

Let me know what you will be growing this year. I can't wait till summer and the farmer's markets!

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