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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free Photos

Canon wants you to try out their photo printers. To show you what amazing printers they have you can go here and print a free 8x10 picture and they will mail it to you for free. It says that you can print one picture on each of the five printers they want you to try, so a total of 5 free pictures.


  1. I sent in the order for my 5 pictures. I'm excited to get them. Great find, thanks for sharing!

  2. I got the pictures back. None of them were 8x10. 3 came as 4x6, one was a photo "they selected for me because my photo was unable to upload" (although there was no error while loading) and one has not arrived yet. I wish I had known that they would be 4x6 because I had already printed the pictures selected and although they look nice, I would have submitted pictures that I had not already paid for elsewhere. Still, it is at least 3 free pictures (although not what were advertised)