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Friday, May 8, 2009

King Soopers Deals 5/6 - 5/12

Here is a list of the best deals I see at King Soopers this week. I am using a local Northern Colorado ad, make sure you check your ad to confirm the sales.
Sweet Red Cherries - $3.99/lb. this is an ok price for early in the season, we should see it go lower later
Organic Gala Apples - $.99/lb good price for organic
Organic Mangos - $.99/lb good price for organic
Ascian Pears - $.99
Del Monte Fruit Naturals - $.99
Use $1/2 IP here
Final Price - $.49
Laura's Lean Ground Beef or Patties - 50% off
Use $1 IP here
Final Price - Varies depending on original price
Boneless Ribeye Steaks - $5.99/lb. (Friday, Sat, and Sun Only)
Lobster Tail - $4.99 each (Friday, Sat, and Sun Only)
Yoplait Yogurt - $.50
Use $.40/6 from 3/22 SS insert
Final Price - $.36 each, you should also get a $2 catalina printed with your purchase
Kraft Cheese - $1.99 6-8 oz
Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream - $1.99 this is an ok price, but you can usually find Breyer's at a better price with sale and coupon and I love their ice cream!
General Grocery
Campbell's Condensed soups - $1.00
Use $1/2 IP here
Final Price - $.50
Barilla Pasta - $1 this is an ok price, a regular sale price, but there are no coupons right now, so you can probably get it cheaper if you can wait
Eggo Waffles - $1.77
Use $.75 from 4/25 RP insert
Final Price - $.77
Tropicana Orange Juice - $2.99
Use $1 IP here
Final Price - $1.99
Hallmark Expressions Cards - Buy 3 Save $1.50
You should be able to buy 3 $.49 cards and get them free. I have not tried this offer, but have seen it posted on several other blogs. There should be a sign in the card area for this offer and you will just need to find the $.49 cards, make sure they are Hallmark.
These deal matchups are part of the Grocery Gathering Hosted by BeCentsAble. If King Soopers is not your local shoping place check out the Grocery Gathering for other stores. Also, if you find any great deals at King Soopers that I missed leave a comment, so others can share in your great find.


  1. Mountain High Yogurt 6 oz cups are on sale for $.50 and there is a coupon for $.50/2, making 2 free after doubling.

  2. Thanks for the great find. It looks like you can find the coupon in your 4/5 SS insert.