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Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Plan Monday - March 23

This week is an easy week. We have a group over from church and two nights out, so we are eating a few meals from last week we never had and a few others with things we have in the house. So, I will only be doing a very small shopping trip this week. My goal is to keep our food budget under $20 this week.

Breakfast & lunch: just the usual, no exciting recipes to share

Monday - Chicken strips and french fries

Tuesday - Soup night with group from church, I'm making cheesy potato (I never made it last week, it was just too hot all week)

Wednesday - dinner at a friend's house

Thursday - Steak & pasta

Friday - Pizza

Saturday - Chicken spaghetti casserole (freezer meal from a few weeks ago)

Sunday - MOPS & POPS Dinner at church

If you want to see more menus check out orgjunkie.

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